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Rent Tips

Follow these tips to make renting a breeze.

  • Watch for scams! Fraudsters will urge you to pay your deposit before you visit the property and typically mention shipping keys to you because they are unable to meet you in person.
  • Only work with agents / landlords within the United States.
  • Request their phone number and call them. Make sure they are within the US.
  • If possible, meet the listing agent in person and walk through the property.
  • Be cautious of landlords that are out of state.
  • If it seems to good to be true... it probably is.
  • Wait for a legitimate contract to sign before sending payment.
  • Do NOT send money through Western Union.
  • Do NOT give any bank account information over the phone or in email.
  • Do NOT send money outside the United States (e.g.; West Africa, UK).
  • If a listing or agent seems suspicious please contact us by clicking the "Report Listing" link on the questionable listing.

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